The best time to exercise outdoors

In people’s traditional values, the morning is the best time to exercise, but this time is sometimes not the best exercise time, then when will the best time outdoor fitness exercise?

Many people are accustomed to temper the body in the morning, although Morning.It is not the best fitness sessions.

Meteorological premise of interest, directly linked to debilitating Morning people, some people get up early in the morning before dawn to exercise; Some people do exercise fog untouched; Some people Morning venue choices in greenery, it was where best atmosphere; indeed, these practices are incorrect.

Temperatures are very low pressure and good morning, when the sun doesnot come out. On the ground floor of the contaminated atmosphere yet dispersed; If you hit a foggy day, early morning atmosphere contamination is more serious, this time to the gym, the body becomes a vacuum cleaner, for weakness extremely unlucky. So why not in the green leaves early morning exercise it? Because the night does not produce biological photosynthesis, morning sun still shine Grove, accumulate a lot of carbon dioxide, in which people move is beneficial to the body against harm.

What is a good fitness outdoor fitness sessions it? 7:00 to 9:00 and 19:00 to 9:00. However, like most in the afternoon 1:00 to 3:00, then the day. Then people have been working for most of the day, posture relative fighting strength tiredness, opened the window or go outside to do some exercise, is to figure refueling.


Tips of traveling in Beijing

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming and Qing dynasties. It served as the seat of the emperor of China.

The English name, “the Forbidden City”, is a translation of the Chinese name Zijin Cheng. “Zi” is purple, which means elegant and name of the place where the emperor lived. “Jin” is the English word how banned and it means no one is allowed to enter or leave the city without the permission of the emperor. ” ” Cheng “is the city.

The Forbidden City is amazing, the Bloods and the love are still there, still hidden. It is a beautiful new place to travel to. The lure of China comes from the unique Chinese culture and lifestyle. This city is a place where you really feel this kind of unique attraction.

Now known as the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City or Gugong China. It is the largest appliances palace complex in the world and covers 74 hectares.

There are two parts of the Forbidden City: courtyard and terrace. The patio is the place where the emperor exercised his h logical power over the nation w while the courtyard was where he lived with his yellow family.Since the symbol of the k Royal family, civilians are not allowed to this use of color at the end, home decorating, etc. In the Forbidden City, the yellow is the dominant color.Roofs are built with yellow glazed tiles. Decorations are painted yellow.

Today, the Forbidden City is no place. It is open to tourists from all over the world and is one of the most popular tourist attractions worldwide. The entrance fee is RMB 40 (Nov.1 to March 31 M), RMB 60 (Apr.1 to Oct.31) are the opening times (k you can get 50% discount when you show your student card): 8:30 to 16.20 clock (Oct.16 to Apr.15) from 8.30 to 05.00 clock (Apr.16 to 15 October). Normally it takes 3 hours to visit all of the Forbidden City.

Travel Tips:

1 H like. Forbidden City is a must when you travel to Beijing and it is also very popular because of it. The best time to visit this place is from the end of March M until the beginning of June and the end of Ao T November.You and must also w choose non-weekdays or holidays.

2 There are Ger appliances available audio guide for tourists. (Chinese, Cantonese, English, Francis French Ais, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, the Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Italian) it may be men hired by the tour guide and Wumen Door. The cost is 40 RMB.

3 The guides are also obtainable articles available. (English and Japanese).

4 The Center is located in the tourist service Jianting away.

Koh Chang in Thailand beauty from natural

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, Thailand …..many popular tourist places have already been to, but for most Chinese tourists, Koh Chang in Thailand is still a very strange name. In fact, like the island has always been a popular European and American backpackers relaxing vacation. Here, no visitors, such as weaving, no hustle and bustle of the city, only unspoiled, preserved natural resources and good honest islanders, like a peaceful paradise. From the beginning it has been popular in Thailand tourism, Thailand’s popular resort lets people such as weaving. Summer is approaching. Calm Koh Chang also took the enthusiasm for tourists with open arms.

From Bangkok Airport to Koh Chang, there are two ways, one is by car, drive five hours or so; another is to take domestic flight time of 50 minutes. Whichever way, will eventually be boarded the ferry to Koh Chang.

Sitting on the ferry to look far, Koh Chang is dark green, green into the depths like a huge black rock, quietly lying between the sea and the sky. The central part of the island is rolling hills, the highest of a 744 meters above sea level. All the mountains are covered with dense rainforest, into which, like entering a giant tropical greenhouse, the air is wet leaves taste.

Walk out of the mountains, across the road around the island, is the coconut and beach front. White sandy beaches and cleans that even footprints are not. Sea wave is calm, from near and far, the color from white to green, and then changing out from light to dark blue, final and blue sky in a line.

Best time is at dusk. Sunset dyed the entire surface of theC a golden satin. Distant island became a dark shadow. Walk the beach, or rent a small rowing boat, watching the sunset in the open sea to the horizon clouds burned bright red, shining on the sea, and a red wine, boundless, standing among them, filled with only happiness.

In natural colors, people here are also a beautiful scenery. A boarded Elephant Island, off the face of seemingly undisturbed paradise, people will unconsciously become excited.
In Koh Chang, you can choose to sea snorkeling, fishing, boats, Cand other marine C project; optional elephant ride, rent a motorcycle stroll and other recreation projects; may street, full of local specialties buy costumes , souvenirs; also experience a Thai massage, SPA and other characteristics of health services; Of course, you can do nothing, hiding in a cozy hotel to enjoy quiet moments, lying on a hammock on the beach hotel enjoy the original ecology of natural beauty.

For people who like food, Koh Chang is also a good choice. Restaurants here are quite distinctive, fresh seafood is not kept in the aquarium, but rather directly raised in the sea, is to eat freshly caught, absolutely fresh. The unique taste of Thai delights mention of course, an array of international cuisine, everything, if you have a soft spot for Chinese food, no problem, the only Chinese restaurant in the island – Koh Chang restaurants can provide you with authentic Chinese food.

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